Eurotec FM has over 20 years of experience providing expert services to the foodservice industry. Our comprehensive range of services supports commercial kitchen owners to keep their business operating efficiently all year round.

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Layout Design


Bespoke Kitchen Design, tailored to your needs

To create flavourful, authentic cuisine, you need the perfect kitchen environment. That includes everything from high-quality equipment, clean and sleek food preparation spaces and robust extraction systems. 

At Eurotec FM, we supply and install commercial kitchens and catering equipment of the highest standards. From small cafe and takeaway businesses to 5-star hotels and premium restaurants, we’ve got you covered.

Our expert designers can create a bespoke layout most suited to your industry. In addition, we also offer a project management service to guarantee that your commercial kitchen project is completed on time and within your budget.

If you’re looking for interior design inspiration, we have teamed up with Form Creative to offer a comprehensive interior design solution.

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This style is suitable for smaller cafe type businesses. To begin with, you place the main island in the centre of the kitchen. The cooking appliances should be positioned in and around this island. The food preparation, storage and serving areas are based along the outer walls. 


Zones efficiently divide the kitchen space. Each zone has a specific purpose:

  • Food preparation
  • Cooking
  • Storage, e.g. refrigeration and freezers
  • Washing up station
  • Serving area

In particular, this style is ideal for larger restaurants and hotel kitchens as each team will have their designated space to work in and keep clean.


Assembly layouts are perfect for commercial kitchens producing vast quantities of the same product, e.g. pizzas or sandwiches. In this case, the kitchen will be laid out to use the equipment in a conveyor belt-style fashion.



We always ensure our client’s installation process runs smoothly without a fault. We will start by planning out timescales based on the amount of equipment you need, the size of your kitchen space and the materials you select.

You want as little disruption as possible to minimise the interruption to your food business. After all, you need your equipment to be installed correctly, in line with health and safety legislation. At Eurotec FM, compliance is our priority. Our engineers have experience spanning every level of commercial kitchen installation, from small cafes to busy restaurants and luxury hotels.

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commercial kitchen extraction systems



A well-designed kitchen must always prioritise health and safety. A large part of this includes a commercial kitchen extraction system.

Extraction systems exist in every kitchen, both commercial and residential. Chiefly, its primary function is to remove excess steam and smoke created whilst cooking multiple dishes at once. Simultaneously, it keeps carbon dioxide at a safe level whilst allowing clean air to enter the kitchen. Lastly, it helps to keep out any harmful pollutants. 

There are also legal requirements regarding kitchen extraction. As the owner of a commercial kitchen, it is your responsibility to install an effective extraction system to remove the vapours, heat and other gases created by various cooking techniques.


Once our designers have crafted the layout of your kitchen, the next step is choosing the right equipment. We work exclusively with Tecnoinox to provide you and your staff with an extensive range of reliable, solid, high-quality appliances. 

Tecnoinox is an Italian manufacturing company that has been in operation since 1984; they have years of experience in the industry. Significantly, they proudly manage the entire production cycle, from stainless steel sheets to the completed product.

In addition, Tecnoinox products are incredibly diverse, ranging from large scale 20 tray ovens to small compact combi ovens. Therefore, they are suitable for a variety of spaces. From independent bakeries to large popular restaurants, we stock the best equipment for your catering kitchen. 

Tecnoinox uses the latest advancements in catering technology to provide attractive solutions for modern chefs and kitchens. As a result, your commercial kitchen will benefit. Overall, we have a selection of the finest kitchen equipment on the market.

Most importantly, these machines and appliances are easy to manoeuvre and install. This results in a quick and simple installation process for your business. Your new commercial kitchen will be in action in no time. 

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Save your money for what matters. Our cost-effective maintenance plan can help you avoid expensive pay-outs on unexpected repairs. 

Preventative maintenance checks are recommended every 6-12 months, depending on the size and scale of your business and the amount of equipment installed. However, we can adapt these timescales should you require this.

We will record the site visit and will note the condition of each piece of equipment. In this case, you will see how well your employees are treating the equipment if any cleaning routines need to be adapted or formal training is required.



Eurotec FM has a fast-response catering repairs team on hand to help our clients all year round. Although usually, this is just to inspect and service the appliances, it also includes any repairs they made need.

Commercial kitchen equipment is a substantial investment for any business; therefore, it is essential to look after it. Also, you must ensure your equipment is always meeting the industry standards. Additionally, our dedicated engineers only use parts that are CE approved, meaning you are not at risk of unreliable components that may lead to equipment breakdown.

Notably, efficient, well-run appliances are vital to establish and maintain the quality and standard of your culinary dishes. Unfortunately, any deterioration may result in a decline in the taste and condition of the food. 

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