keeping your kitchen running

If you run a commercial kitchen, you’ll know how frustrating unexpected equipment breakdowns can be. Our Preventative Maintenance Plan helps you to ensure your kitchen runs efficiently all year round. 

  • Spread the cost of maintenance and repairs across a monthly payment plan.
  • Prevent unexpected bills from equipment breakdowns.
  • Ensure your kitchen is fully operational all year round.
Flat rate

per month

All call-out and labour costs

Two Preventative Maintenance Checks per year, the first, after six weeks into your contract.

Annual Gas Soundness Check and Annual Electricity Safety Check

10% Discount on parts from all recognised major brands

  • Replacements parts are not included, however we do provide 10% discount on all major manufacturers.
  • Equipment in poor condition at the start of your Preventative Maintenance Plan.
  • Faults caused by misuse or neglect
  • Faults caused by scale damage
  • Preventative maintenance plans do not cover air extraction or air input systems.
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Cover all of your callout & labour charges, for just £95 a month.

Save your money for what matters. Our cost-effective maintenance plan can help you avoid expensive payouts on unexpected repairs. 
After you join, an expert engineer will visit your premises to check for any immediate issues. We’re sure everything will be in working order, but if not, you can buy any new parts you need with a 10% discount.
Better yet, if you’re in credit at the end of your plan, you can get your money back* or invest it into your next service agreement with us.
*minus 10% to cover admin fees.


Improve the safety of your kitchen environment with regular service & maintenance. Our gas safe engineers will conduct gas and electrical tests to ensure your equipment meets legal requirements. 

As an owner of a commercial kitchen, it’s your responsibility to assure your equipment can chill, cook & keep food hot to industry standards. Failure to do this could result in food poisoning.

Train your staff to spot warning signs on the appliances they work with to ensure the defect is reported in good time. Also, low levels of care and upkeep can result in energy wastage. So, you could even save money on your energy bills.

Kitchen appliances in professional kitchen in a restaurant
Chef preparing food in the commercial kitchen at restaurant

easy budgeting – pay monthly commercial kitchen maintenance

A clear budget is the key to making a strong return on your investment. Our service contracts can help you account for maintenance and repair costs every month rather than paying out huge amounts in an emergency.

Our reliable service contract is just £95 a month which can be easily incorporated into your regular monthly budget. However, you can also choose to make a one-off payment to cover your entire 12-month contract.

keep your clients and customers happy

Keep your customers smiling with Eurotec. In the catering & hospitality industry, your customers’ opinions are paramount. The last thing you want is to remove a popular dish from the menu due to an appliance malfunction. 

Avoid kitchen downtime due to faulty equipment and reduce the risk of emergency breakdowns. Our handy service contract will ensure your kitchen running smoothly.

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