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The professional combi ovens of the Tecnocombi line combine tradition and technology in a mix perfect for the chef looking for advanced and reliable, precise and straightforward, efficient and robust cooking tools. Our combi ovens are available with both digital and manual control.

Tecnocombi is the cooking solution for the chef that requires maximum personal control of the cooking parameters and excellent results.

Tecnocombi Combi Ovens are ideal for:

  • Cooking centers, also crucial for the number of meals served at each service
  • Restaurants, trattorias and cafeterias
  • Gastronomy, butcher shops or other retail stores that offer cooked food of their production

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  • Great performance and reliability
  • Speedy steam evacuation, excellent for baking bread and pastries
  • Double rod tray support

  • Tecnodual is a professional combi oven with a double rod tray support for both GN1/1 trays and pastry baking trays (60x40cm).
  • Simple, three-dial system to control temperature, time and humidity
  • Reverse door opening for easy access
  • Manage up to 7 different humidity levels

  • Well-spaced grills
  • Silicone rubber door seal
  • Speedy steam evacaution

  • Automatic preheating available
  • Vent available to discharge humidity from the cooking chamber
  • If burner blocks, an indicator light will provide a warning

  • Automatic preheating available
  • Core probe for accurate temperature readings
  • Speedy steam evacuation to help perfect bread and pastry baking

  • Vent available to discharge humidity from the cooking chamber
  • Well-spaced grills
  • Double rod tray support

  • Uniform cooking guaranteed
  • Well-lit sealed cooking chamber
  • Two indicator lights to show:
    • when the appliance is on
    • when heating elements are in operation

  • Double rod tray support
  • Even heat distribution, guaranteed uniform cooking
  • Three control dials for extra accuracy: temperature, time and humidity

  • Core probe for accurate temperature readings
  • Reliable and precise, uniform cooking
  • Three speedy intense wash settings

  • Includes a core probe for accurate temperature measurement
  • Manage up to 300 recipes
  • Silicone rubber door seal

Tecnocombi D Series Ovens


  • Personal control of cooking parameters
  • Alphanumeric displays available
  • Even heat distribution with well-spaced grills

  • Play button lights up to display the status of the oven
  • Automatic preheating available
  • Three fast and effective wash cycles