Here at Eurotec FM, we’re the go-to experts for keeping commercial kitchens running at their best. We know that a well-trained team is the secret ingredient to a successful kitchen. That’s why we brought in a development chef from Tecnoinox – all the way from Italy – to showcase the ins and outs of the TAP combi oven.

This special training day was all about getting to know one of the best ovens out there. The Tecnoinox chef walked us through how to use all the different cooking settings – showing us how this oven can do just about anything a chef needs.

It wasn’t just about the cooking. We also learned how important it is to keep the oven clean and to follow the descaling schedule. Keeping up with these simple steps means the oven can keep cooking up great food without any disruptions.

We’re excited to pass on this knowledge to your kitchen team so everything can run smoothly and your guests keep coming back for more. And if you need a hand with your kitchen equipment – whether it’s a regular check-up or a quick fix – we’re here to help.

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TAP Combi Oven Eurotec FM

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