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Multifunctional Braising Pans

Tecno65 is the perfect answer, in terms of both quality and price, to the requirements of start-ups and small cookery workshops, snack bars, cafés, bistros, delis and catering services, and even trucks fitted out for street food.

It is an extensive range of slimline, simple, compact machines, perfect for modestly sized spaces and specific cooking requirements.

Tecno65 appliances are easy to move and install, and maintenance is simple.

Multifunctional Braising Pans

Multifunctional 7.5 Litre Electric Bratt Pan

126053 - BRM35E/0 Multifunctional 7.5 Litre Electric Bratt Pan Top with 10mm Thick Bottom

  • 7.5-litre tank.
  • Top versions, with removable stainless steel AISI 304 tank with 10 mm thick Duplex base.
  • For standard cooking using braising pans or fry tops.